April 5, 2010

Good Friday Service

I was invited to preach at the Good Friday (Paixão de Cristo) service at Igreja Batista Nova Cintra in Santos. It is a small church that is struggling, and they only have about 40 members. Pastor Samuel is the pastor there, and he is a young pastor eager to reach people for Christ and to help his church and his flock to grow.

On Friday another church in the area, Igreja Batista Central (Pr. Carlos), helped them to have an evangelism outreach event in the bairro of Nova Cintra. Nova Cintra is a poorer area in Santos. They visited homes and also shared the Good News of Christ with people in the streets of the "bairro". Several people accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. At night the 2 churches held the "Paixão de Cristo" service jointly, and also celebrated what the Lord did during their outreach event that day. I spoke about God's passion for all people, and about His desire and passion to have a personal relationship and intimate fellowship with all people. In the end I shared the Gospel and 1 woman (Elizabete) responded to the Holy Spirit working in her heart and received Christ as her Lord & Savior and committed her life to Him.

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