April 10, 2010

Assoc. Igrejas Batistas do Litoral Paulista

This morning we went to the monthly meeting of the Associacao Igrjas Batistas do Litoral Paulista, which is the association of Baptist churches for the coastal area of the state of Sao Paulo. We were invited to attend the meeting by the president of the association, Pr. Genivaldo of Primeira Igreja Batista Ipatema in Guaruja, and I had the privilege of leading the devotion. It was good for us to be there today, as we met many pastors and leaders of various churches that we will be working with and helping to share the Good News of Jesus. We met several pastors of churches that are near schools that we have already scheduled events in later this year, and all are anxious to work with us in the schools. Also I was asked to preach in 2 more churches, and Nancy will sing too those days. God continues to open more and more doors for us to share God's love and the Good News of peace with God and eternal life with Him in heaven through His son Jesus, and we are thankful for these new opportunities. After the meeting we visited Mongaguá, a coastal city near where the meeting was held, and we took some photos.

Pr. Genivaldo and I
leading the devotion before the association meeting

various photos of the beach at Mongaguá:

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