March 3, 2010

Igreja Batista Ponta da Praia

We have begun to work with 6 churches so far in Santos, and we were invited to sing and preach in Igreja Batista Ponta da Praia this past Sunday. Unfortunately Nancy was not able to sing because we were sick last week and her voice was still not well enough to sing by Sunday night. We very much enjoyed our time at the church, and enjoyed getting to know some of the people after the service. The church is led by Pastor Ezequias, and it is a good church with many young people. We will be working with them to share Christ in their community, and we will be speaking in a school near the church in June.

God touched many people through His word in the service, and the people responded well to the message and challenge to actively join God in His work by sharing Christ with others. At the end of the service I shared the Good News of Jesus and 13 people accepted Christ as their Lord & Savior and committed their lives to Him. We praise God for what He is doing here.

part of the church's worship team
during the worship portion of the servicePr. Ezequias, Alyne, and Isome of the people during the serviceSpeaking & sharing Christ with interpreter Alyne

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