March 22, 2010

Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem

Last night we had the privilege of serving at Igreja Batista Nova Jerusalem in Santos. Nancy sang "Because He Lives" and I preached in the night service. Here in Brazil the night service is typically the larger of the Sunday morning and night services, which is opposite of the norm in the US. Pastor Wilson is the shepherd of the church, and they are enthusiastic to work with us in sharing the Good News of peace with God & eternal life through Jesus in the community. We will be working with the church in various ways to help them share Jesus with others, including in a municipal school close to the church in August.

Rebeca, a young member of the church, helped as my interpreter, and she did a great job. Although I can speak Portuguese well, it is more interesting for those who are listening when I preach in English and have an interpreter. This works especially well when we speak in the schools, because most Brazilians really like Americans and have a great curiosity about Americans & foreigners, and about the English language. This curiosity and the affection that Brazilians have for Americans opens many doors for us to share Jesus with others. At the end I shared the Gospel and 7 people accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him.



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