March 19, 2010

A Difficult But Fruitful Week

This week we finished speaking in a school in the Sao Mateus area of Sao Paulo. Many times when we are speaking in a school or other event where God is doing great things, we experience many difficulties, and this past week was certainly very difficult. The week started out with a couple of our interpreters canceling on us, one of which was a very late cancellation. So on Monday night we only had 1 interpreter and it took us twice the normal amount of time to speak in all of the classes, which were adults trying to get their high school diploma. Our interpreter Elizabete had problems with her car on the way to the school, and she almost did not make it.

Also on Monday morning we had a difficult thing happen to us, which left us very disappointed. We have been trying to sell our house in Sao Caetano (in the Sao Paulo area) for 8 months now, and last week we received an offer. After making a counter-offer, the buyer accepted and we were supposed to sign the contract on Monday afternoon while we were in the Sao Paulo area. A few hours before our appointment, the realtor called and said that the buyer was ill during the weekend and that she decided to back out. This is the 2nd time we have had a buyer that didn't work out, which is very frustrating and disappointing, especially after trying for 8 months to sell the house. We need the money out of the house, because we did not come to Brazil through a mission organization, and we are using our own money for our ministry. We are losing money every month until we can get the money out of the house to be able to make more income from bank interest and investments.

Also during the week we had a couple of near accidents, and one of them was a very close call (I absolutely do not like driving in Sao Paulo). Then to top it all off we had a flat tire after speaking on the last day at the school. It still amazes us sometimes how many challenges and difficulties we have when we are sharing Jesus with many people. It can be very difficult. However the 2 weeks we worked in the school went extremely well, and God powerfully touched many hearts and 979 students (including more than 100 adults studying at night) and 23 teachers accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. No matter what we have to go through, it is always worth it to have the joy and privilege of joining God in what He is doing.

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