January 20, 2010

Guarujá, Brazil

Guarujá is another city that we will be working and serving in to help churches to share Christ. Guarujá is located next to Santos on Santos Amaro Island, and you need to take a ferry boat to get to Guarujá from where we live in Santos. During most of the year there are about 310,000 people that live there, and in the summer vacation period it can swell to about a million people, especially around New Years day. Tourism is one of the main industries in Guarujá, because it has many beautiful beaches. The other leading industry is related to the port of Santos, the largest port in South America.


Filip Demuinck said...

The beach looks super

Discover said...

Great site, excellent article, congratulations!

It is summertime in Brazil! We want to invite all of you to know our diverse and paradise-like coast from north to south!

Come to discover Guarujá, in the state of São Paulo, you will be fascinated!

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