November 14, 2009

We Finally Moved

After a long process to buy our new apartment in Santos we finally were able to move this past Tuesday. We have been very busy getting settled in, and yesterday we unpacked our final box. We still have alot of organizing to do, and some painting and decorating to do also. We really love our new place and the city of Santos is a very nice place to live. Below are some more photos of Santos.

Tomorrow we will be going to church at Igreja Batista Marape to meet Pastor Sidney, who is very interested in working with us, escpecially in the schools here in Santos. He is a friend of our good friends Pastor Odilon and his wife Olga, who was the pastor in our Brazilian church in the US in Marietta GA. Our church had a Brazilian church there because many Brazilians live in the Atlanta area. We will be having some meetings later this coming week in more schools here, to schedule events for 2010. We were supposed to be speaking in a school in Sao Paulo on this coming Monday and Tuesday, but they had to reschedule the event for May 2010. So at this point we have only one more school to speak in this year - November 23 & 24 in Sao Paulo. We will be having meetings in schools until December and also with some pastors & churches, but our schedule will not be as demanding until the start of the new school year in late February 2010.

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