November 29, 2009

Sharing Christ In A Favela

Yesterday we had the opportunity & privilege to work with Igreja Batista Marape of Santos in a favela (slum) in the nearby city of Cubatao. The church has a ministry for children in a school located in the favela, and they asked us to help them and to speak to the parents who are there waiting for their children. The church reaches out to the community in Cubatao once a month through this ministry, and there were many children at the event. The church puts on a play with a Biblical message, and then they split the children up into groups by age and have a Bible lesson about the message presented in the play, and they also share the Gospel with the children. After I spoke to the parents, 13 of them accepted Christ and committed their lives to Him. What a joy it is to serve the Lord.

Part of the favela in CubataoSome of the children participating in the programSpeaking to some of the parentsInterpreter Camila and I sharing Christ


Penguin said...

Wow another 16 people devoted to Christ. Praise God!!!

Kevin Bart said...

Praise God indeed, LD. Only He can touch and save people, and then turn their lives around. We praise God every day for what He is doing.