November 3, 2009

Another Santos Update

We are extremely busy these days, as we are getting ready for our move to Santos on November 10. It still amazes me how slow things go here, and it will be exactly 2 months from the time we started buying our apartment in Santos until the time we get to finally move. We have a 2 week break from speaking in schools this week and next week, and then we will have 2 more schools in Sao Paulo to speak in the last 2 weeks of November after our move.

Unfortunately we received some disappointing news last Thursday. We thought we had a buyer for our house, but unfortunately that did not go through. Even though the potential buyer is some type of municipal judge in Sao Caetano and she said that she was already approved for financing, when it came time to buy the house she could not get enough financing to buy our house. So it's back on the market. Please pray for the sale of the house; we were hoping to sell it before we moved.

Also, we already started having meetings in some schools in the Santos area to schedule events there for next year, and we praise God that we already have events scheduled until mid-April. We have 2 more meetings in schools there tomorrow. We are trying to fit in enough meetings in schools before the end of the school year in December to be able to schedule events in 2010 until the end of May or June.

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