October 11, 2009

Update On Santos

We are still waiting for our house to sell, and we hope it will be soon. We had a family come to see it for the 3rd time last Monday, but so far we have not heard back from them. We are also waiting on the final document for the purchase of our new apartment in Santos. It has been 3 1/2 weeks since we signed all of the other documents, and the final document should have been ready by now, but it has been delayed. There was a strike by workers in the banks, and it is a bank that needs to finish the document, so that is one reason for the delay. Also, bureaucracy is really bad in Brazil, so at this point it is hard to say when it will be done. We do not even know for sure at this point when we can move, which is frustrating. Hopefully we will be able to move in early November, because we have a 2 week break in-between speaking at different schools and this would be a good time to move for us. Today we went to Santos to the beach for a break; here are some pictures we took of our soon to be new neighborhood.

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