October 26, 2009

Update On Our Move

We finally were able to close on our apartment in Santos this past Friday. The final document was supposed to be ready in about 2 weeks, but after over 5 weeks it finally came in. So we will be moving to Santos on November 10.

Also, we are praising God that we have a buyer for our house. God's timing may seem slow at times, but it is always perfect. And better yet, they are buying our house directly from us and not through a realtor, which will save us a good bit of money. In Brazil you can try to sell a house through as many realtors as you want to, and you can sell it yourself at the same time, unlike the US, where you typically use a realtor on an exclusive basis. Since we are using our own funds here for our ministry, saving the 6% realtor commission will really help.

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