October 15, 2009

A Tough School Event

Sometimes it never ceases to amaze me how many difficulties and complications we have when we are sharing Christ, especially when it is in the schools. Sometimes almost everything goes wrong, like this week. We spoke in the school EE Mario Marques in East Sao Paulo, which is a high school. It is rare to see a school here with only high school students; usually we see a school with 5th through 8th graders and also with high schoolers. We worked with Igreja Batista Vila Diva, which is close the school.

Anyway, we were supposed to speak 3 days this week, on Tue. night, Wed. afternoon, and this morning. When we got there on Tuesday night the school told us that they will not be having classes on Thu. morning, and that we need to reschedule. The problem is that our schedule is pretty full, escpecially with our upcoming move, so we may have lost an opportunity. Also, since waking up on Tue. morning I have not felt well. There is alot of pollution in Sao Paulo, and I have problems with sinuses and getting sick here. Also on Tue. one of our interpreters' car broke down, and we had to scramble to find another interpreter for that night. And then our other interpreter's bus broke down on the way, and she had a hard time getting to the school. And we also had some other problems with 2 people on Wednesday that were not pleasant to deal with. Sometimes this work and the spiritual warfare that goes with it can be very difficult. However, in the end God did a wonderful work in the hearts of many people in the school, and even though the students were older and more difficult, 307 students and 6 teachers accepted Christ. God is great !

Interpreters Eduardo & Victor, us, and the church team
Nancy and Victor sharing Christ in a class on Wed. afternoon
Interpreter Elizabete and I speaking in a night class
Some of the students in a class on Tue. nightNancy and interpreter Elaine speaking in a night class on Tue.

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