October 9, 2009

A Long Week

This week has been a long and tiring week, but we have seen the Lord do many wonderful things too. On Sunday night (Oct. 4) Nancy sang and I preached at Igreja Batista Vila Primavera. We have worked with Pastor Enio and the church in 5 or 6 schools in their area, and we also had a People Sharing Jesus seminar there in April 2007. I spoke about God's call for our lives, which is first to have fellowship with Him (I Corinthians 1:9) and then to join Him in His work, including the work of building His kingdom and actively sharing Christ with others in our daily lives. In the final part I shared the Gospel, and God touched and saved 5 people.

Then on Monday morning, Tuesday morning & afternoon, and Wed. afternoon & night we spoke in 39 classes at EMEF Achilles school. This school is located in a very poor area near the Sao Mateus area of East Sao Paulo, and has students in 1st grade through 8th grade. We worked with Pastor Haroldo and Igreja Batista IV Centenario. The students and many of the teachers were very happy that we came, and many gladly heard the message of God's love and the Gospel. God did a great work and 1009 students and 14 teachers accepted Christ. We are praying and hoping that the church will be able to do more with the school to help the new believers and their families.

Nancy singing at Igreja Batista Vila Primavera

Me with my interpreter Heloisa and her father Pr. Enio

Preaching with interpreter Heloisa

Some students hamming it up for the camera

Nancy and I with part of our team at the school

Me and some of the students

Nancy with some of the students at recess

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