October 31, 2009

A Fruitful Month

October was a very productive and fruitful month for us, even though we had many challenges and difficulties. We spoke in 3 schools and I also preached in a church, and we also started having meetings with schools in Santos to schedule speaking events for 2010. First on Oct. 4 Nancy sang and I preached at Igreja Batista Vila Primavera in Sao Paulo, and 5 people accepted Christ. Then we worked with Igreja Batista IV Centenario in EE Achilles school on Oct. 5-7, and 1009 students & 14 teachers accepted Christ. Next we worked with Igreja Batista Vila Diva in EE Mario Marques school on Oct. 13-14, and 307 high school students & 6 teachers accepted Christ. And this past week we worked with Igreja Batista Boas Novas (the church we normally go to when not working in other churches on Sundays) in EE Secundino Dominguez school. We almost lost this opportunity to speak in the school because we scheduled it with the principal back in May and then she was on vacation for the last 2 weeks. Apparently she did not tell anyone about the event, and they almost did not let us do it. Thankfully we were able to speak on Tue., Wed., and Thursday this week and 708 students, 18 teachers, and the coordenator accepted Christ. We are praising God for the great things He is doing in the Sao Paulo area. Here are some pictures of this past week.

Interpreters Iraci & Ingrid, me, and part of the church team
Nancy and interpreter Paulo leading the students in prayerInterpreter Elma and I speaking in a classNancy and interpreter Paulo sharing ChristInterpreters Leandro & Wilame and part of our team on Tue. night

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