July 7, 2009

Trip To The US

We have been in the US since June 26, and have really enjoyed visiting our families and friends. First we were in the Atlanta area to help our son John move back from Brazil, and to see our sons Anthony and Dan. We also had a great time visiting our church in Marietta GA, Roswell Street Baptist Church. Next we flew up to Ohio to visit my family, and we had the chance to celebrate the 4th of July with them. Next we drove up to Rochester NY, which is where we currently are, to visit Nancy's family. We will go back to Atlanta on July 11th, then on Sun. morning July 12 I will preach in 2nd Baptist Church of Cedartown GA, and then we will fly home on Mon. night July 13 and arrive in Sao Paulo the morning of the 14th. It's been great to see everyone and be in the US again, but we will be ready to go back home to Brazil by next week. When we get back we will begin selling our house and preparing for a move to Santos, which is 1 hour south of Sao Paulo on the coast. We are hoping to sell our house and move there before the end of the year. Here are some pics of our US visit.

Me with our sons Anthony, Dan, and John in Atlanta
John, Dan, Nancy, Anthony, and a giant pizza in AtlantaMy brother John and his kids, Nancy, and my MomNancy and my Mom enjoying strawberry pieNancy & my sisters & sis-in-law & Mom celebrating the 4th in OhioHaving lunch in Rochester NY with some of Nancy's family
Visiting Nancy's family in Rochester NY

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