June 1, 2009

PSJ Seminar at Igreja Batista Ebenezer

We recently led a People Sharing Jesus seminar at Igreja Batista Ebenezer in the Mooca section of Sao Paulo on Sun. May 24 and 31. It was well attended with 80 people participating and learning how to be a faithful and effective witness for Jesus. The church responded very well to the challenge to all members to be faithful followers of Jesus and to be the "fishers of men" that he wants all Christians to be. We will be working with IB Ebenzer more in the future, including in 2 schools soon, 1 in later June and 1 in August.

In the People Sharing Jesus seminars, which is from Total Church Life Ministry, we teach 3 easy-to-use methods to share the Good News of Jesus with others. We also teach some powerful truths and principles about the work of sharing Christ with others, as well as alot of other useful information regarding spiritual warfare and other subjects relating to being an effective witness for Christ. The seminar is one of the things that God has called us to do to help and equip churches and members to share Christ with others in their communities. You can find more information about the People Sharing Jesus seminars and Total Church Life Ministry at this link: Total Church Life Ministry

The seminar at Igreja Batista EbenezerJohn and interpreter Pamella teaching how to share Jesus confidently
Pamella and I leading part of the seminar

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