June 6, 2009

A Difficult & Fruitful Week

This week we experienced some of the strongest spiritual warfare that we have ever seen (see my previous post), but this usually means that God is going to do something very special and that we need to persevere and trust Him with the details and especially the results. As I said in my previous post, we and the people and interpreters that helped us experienced many problems this past week. I wrote the last post on Tuesday afternoon, and we still had 1 more day to speak in the school. When we spoke at the EE Manuela school on Wednesday night, the final day, we learned that one more person from the church (Primeira Igreja Batista Sao Joao Climaco) that helped also got sick on Tuesday, and one of our interpreters on Wednesday night had a big problem and conflict starting on Tuesday with a good friend, and he was upset about it on Wednesday night. It is unbelievable how many of the poeple involved in the work this week got sick, or had problems.

However, we saw God do great things this week, and in the end 1121 students, 13 teachers, and the school coordenator accepted Christ. Now the school is very open to receiving more help from the church, and they were practically pleading for them to help the students & teachers & families more. God is going to continue do some wonderful things in the lives of the new believers and in their families. Please pray for them, and also pray for those who got sick this week, including Pastor Carlos from the church.

Me, Nancy, John, Elaine, part of the church team, & Junior at the school
Sharing Christ with interpreter Elaine & EduardoJohn and Darrell (missionary kid from Virginia) with some studentsSpeakng in a class at night for adults with Renato and the church team

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