May 19, 2009

What A Difference Between Here & The US

"Some parents in Frisco, Texas are fuming because their public school district allowed Christian evangelists to provide Bibles to students on school grounds, which administrators said was done to stop even more proselytizing outside the schools."

I read an article today on about how alot of parents are upset that the Frisco, Texas school district allowed the Gideons to place Bibles on tabletops at their schools and make them available to students if they wanted them. You can read the article at this link: Parents fuming as Texas Schools Let Gideons Provide Bibles to Students

The article is an example of the sad spiritual state that the US is in. It is amazing the difference between here in Brazil and the US. The US has long since kicked God out of the schools, and continues to try to remove Him from of all aspects of life. It is interesting (and sad) to watch the US experience more and more problems and crisis' with drugs, crime, violence, school shootings, financial crisis,... and yet not see the link between turning your back on God and the increasing problems.

Many schools and many people here are very open to receiving help for the lives of the students, teachers, and families, and many more people here are interested in the things of God and in having a personal relationship with Him. Not all schools here are open to receiving help and to hearing about God's love, but the majority of them are. It depends on the leadership. The Gideons here in Brazil are able to go into the schools and pass out God's instruction book for life, the Bible. We and others are able to speak to students and teachers in the classrooms about how much God loves them and how He has a special plan for their lives, and how to have a restored personal relationship with God. The majority of people here are humble and open to receiving spiritual and practical help for their lives. Let's pray that it continues to be this way here, and let us continue to pray for the US.


Mr. New Dilemma said...

I remember being in the 4th grade in school so long ago, and the Gideons came and gave us all copies of the New Testament. No parents were outraged and life continued on as normal. Sadly, it was a waste of time because us children simply could not interpret the bible at that age, but we were so far better off than the kids of today.

Kevin Bart said...

Mr. New, thanks for visiting our blog and for your comment. I know the Gideons are a good organization, and they are sincerely trying to help people in their lives, so I do not understand the anger felt by the parents in Texas. They only made Bibles available to the students n a tabletop, if they wanted them. Thanks again.