May 15, 2009

Highlights Of The Week

This week was a busy and a great week, and we saw many people receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. On Sunday night I preached at Igreja Metodista Livre in the Penha area of Sao Paulo. Our friend Adriana, who has helped us as an interpreter in schools, is a member of the church, and they invited me to preach in one of their missions services. The church is very missions minded, and they enthusiastically accepted the challenge to be active "fishers of men" in their daily lives. I preached the Gospel at the end, and 8 people accepted Christ.

Then we spoke in a school in the Sapopemba area of Sao Paulo, which is a very poor area. We spoke in 41 classes in the school EE Julieta Farao on Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, and Thursday night, and we worked with Pastor Roberto and Igreja Batista Luz Para As Nacoes. The school has 1st graders through high school, and also has some classes at night for adults. The Lord moved in a powerful way, and He touched & saved 948 students and 13 teachers. One interesting thing that happened on Wednesday morning before we arrived was that a gang that is from nearby had tried to take some of the students from the school, but thankfully the police intervened and stopped them. There are many problems in the favelas and poor areas with drugs, violence, alcoholism,... Please pray for the people that live in these areas.

Sharing Christ with interpreter Adriana in Igr. Metodista Livre
Part of the worship team at Igreja Metodista LivreJohn, interpreters Paulo & Adriane, Nancy, and the church teamJohn sharing Christ with interpreter FabianeJohn, Nancy, Pastor Roberto, and the church teamSpeaking and sharing Christ with interpreter Regis in a class

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