May 1, 2009

God At Work In The World

"Look unto the nations and watch - and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told."
- Habakuk 1:5

In my last few posts I have written about the amazing things God has been doing in Brazil and also in China. Now let's talk about what God is doing in other parts of the world. God is mightily at work in the world, reaching out in love to people who are without Christ. In the past the US, England, and Europe were where the majority of evangelical Christians were, and these were the places where most evangelical missioinaries were sent from. There has been a spiritual decline in these areas for a good number of years now, and the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been growing dramatically in other places in the world, especially in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Here is some interesting information about the approximate percentage of evangelical Christians in the world (for example - in 1960 14% of evangelical Christians in the world were in Africa ; today 32% of the world's evangelical Christians are in Africa):

* Africa: 1960- 14% , today- 32%
* Asia: 1960- 9% , today- 28%
* L. America: 1960- 7% , today- 15%
* N. America: 1960- 52% , today- 19%
* Europe: 1960- 15% , today- 4%
* Pacific: 1960- 3% , today- 2%

You can see God's activity and the dramatic spread of the Gospel in areas like Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and the decline in North America and Europe. Here are some other great things that God is doing in the world:

* South Korea has been experiencing spiritual revival for a good number of years now, and the Gospel has spread greatly. They are expected to pass the US for sending out more evangelical missionaries in the future (they are currently 2nd behind the US).
* In Africa in 1900 there were approx. 8.7 million evangelical Christians - today there are approx. 389 million.
* Approx. 20,000 Africans accept Christ as their Lord & Savior each day.
* Approx. 500 Muslims accept Christ every month in Iran.
* It was illegal for Christians to live in Nepal until 1960. Now there is an evangelical church in all 75 districts of Nepal, and there are approx. 500,000 evangelical Christians.
* In 1970 there were approx. 1.3 million evangelical Christians in Indonesia - today there are approx. 11 million.
* Approx. 50,000 people in Asia accept Christ as their Lord & Savior each day.
* Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world.


Wilmaryad Ben O'Scallas said...

Christianity is not the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam is. With over a billion Muslims around the world, it is the most wide-spread religion in the globe.

Muslims do acknowledge and believe in Jesus Christ, not as being the Lord, though. Muslims view Jesus as one of the noble Prophets sent by God on earth to spread His message.

Plus, In Islam, Jesus did not die on the cross. Somebody looking like him died on it, while Jesus was elevated to the Heavens. He is the only Prophet who did not die, and that's why he'll come down again.

It's believed he'll come back again in a mosque in Syria.

Kevin Bart said...

Wilymaryad, thanks for the visit and for your comments. I must say that I disagree with your assertion that Islam is the fastest growing religion, and so do many statistical studies. Islam definitely is a growing religion in the world today though, and one of th fastest growing.

Many religions have some element of the truth in them. Apparently Islam acknowledges Jesus in some ways, but does not recognize Jesus as God Himself. When Jesus appeared to over 500 people after his death and resurrection, does Islam say that it was this guy that looked like Jesus ? Because it is a documented fact that Jesus did appear to many people before He rose again to heaven.

We do not have to believe in anything blindly, there are documented facts that prove Jesus is who he claimed to be, and that he did what the Bible says he did.

To deny the One (Jesus) that God sent to reconcile the world to Himself is to deny God. Ask God to reveal the truth to you and He will, if you are honestly ready and open to receive the truth. Thanks again for the visit and comments.