March 6, 2009

Gunshots In The Neighborhood

Early Thursday morning at about 12:30 am we had some excitement in our neighborhood. Sao Paulo is well known for having many problems with crime. We live in Sao Caetano, which is next to Sao Paulo, and it is generally regarded as a good place to live. But there is crime here too, and the other night we got a close up look. Actually Nancy and John got the close up look, because I was sound asleep and I did not hear a thing, since I sleep with earplugs because of the city noise.

Nancy and John were watching TV and then all of a sudden they saw a guy up on top of our neighbor's roof across the street. Then they saw alot of policemen (military policemen) running up our street chasing some other guys, and then the police started shooting at them. The military police guys are pretty mean around here. About 7 police cars converged on our street, and some of the bad guys were trying to run away across our neighbors' roofs across the street. Alot of the neighbors were yelling and shouting, and were afraid the bad guys would get into their houses. Then they heard more gunshots and the sounds of breaking glass on the next street over from ours. All in all a pretty wild and crazy scene.

Later in the day we heard that there were 4 guys trying to break into a business on our street through the roof, and they were found out. Nancy and John saw the police catch 2 of the guys on our street, and we heard later on that another was caught and 1 got away for now.

You don't mess with the "Policia Militar" here

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