March 12, 2009

A Changed Life

Antonio is a retired policeman living in the bairro of Pq. Boa Esperanca, which is a poor area in the far East Zone of Sao Paulo. We met him when we were speaking this week on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the school EE Brenno Rossi, located in Pq. Boa Esperanca. Like many poor areas and favellas, Pq. Boa Esperanca has many problems with violence, drugs, and crime.

Antonio worked for many years as a policemen in the Pq. Boa Esperanca area. Last year through the ministry of Igreja Batista Pq. Boa Esperanca Antonio accepted Christ, and Jesus has totally changed his life for the better. Antonio told me that he had always lived in fear when he was a policeman and even after he retired last year, because of the violence and crime in his neighborhood. He said that since he accepted Christ in early 2008 he no longer lives in fear, and he has found true joy and peace and hope in Christ. Now Antonio is an active member of Igreja Batista Pq. Boa Esperanca, living to help others. He is always involved in the church's projects and events to reach out to others in God's love and share the message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ. Please pray for Antonio's wife and family, as they still do not have a restored personal relationship with God through Jesus.

Speaking in the school this week (Sergio, me, Guilherme, and Antonio)

Antonio passing out "Livro Da Vida" (Book Of Life) to students

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