March 29, 2009

A Brazilian Birthday Party

Last night we went to our good friends Junior & Elma's house for a birthday party for their son Joao (John in Portuguese), who turned 5 this week. We have been very close friends with Junior and his family since we first visited Brazil on a mission trip in 2005. His family have practically adopted us, and he and his entire family have helped us a great deal since we moved here. They are truly a blessing from the Lord in our lives.

A Brazilian birthday party is similar in some ways to an American party - there is alot of food, a cake with candle(s), presents, and they sing a birthday song, although it is very different than the "Happy Birthday" song Americans sing. Brazilians know how to have fun, and we are amazed at how they can regularly stay up late at night and then have no problem the next day. Last night they hired a company called "Personal Pizza" to provide the food, and you could get any kind of pizza you wanted with any type of topping you could imagine (bacon, "calebresa" - sausage, chicken, mushrooms, 5 different cheeses, onions, corn, peas, eggs, tomatoes, dried tomatoes, tuna, sardines, olives, peppers,... Brazilian pizza is very different than American pizza, but it is very good). After the regular pizza they made many different types of "pizza doce" - dessert pizzas. Great food and a great time.

some of the guests waiting for their personal pizzas

Junior & Elma, their son Joao and daughter Isabella, and other kids ready to sing

some of the many types of "pizza doce" - dessert pizzas


Hershael W York said...

Eu adoro pizza doces, especialmente chocolate. Eu so descubri seu blog hoje, mas eu vou frequentar no futuro. Eu passei muito tempo no Brasil, e agora eu estou morrendo de saudades.

Ate logo e que Deus te abencoe.

Kevin Bart said...

Ola Hershael, te agradeco pra sua visita. Volte sempre. Eu e minha esposa tambem adoramos pizza doces, e muitos outros tipos das comidas brasileiras. Parece que voce passou muito tempo no Brasil, pois seu portugues ta muito bom. Visitarei seu blog tambem em breve. Que Deus te abencoe muito, e sua familia.

Laura said...

Eu adoro brigadeiro!!!