March 18, 2009

An Amazing Event

Today we finished speaking in a large school (EE Brenno Rossi school) in the far east zone of Sao Paulo, in the area called Pq. Boa Esperanca. This "bairro" is about an hour from where we live, almost 1 1/2 hours in traffic. This is a poor community, and like most poor areas here they are very open to receiving help, and many people have a genuine interest in having a personal relationship with God. Because of the large size of the school, the event was originally scheduled to take place over 2 weeks, but it ended up taking 3 weeks to finish. In the first week it was very hot, and because the school is in a poor area they ran out of water on 2 afternoons, so we had to reschedule these 2 days for this week.

The school is for students in the 1st grade through high school, and they also have some classes at night for adults. They have a total of 64 classes - 22 in the morning, 21 in the afternoon, and 21 at night. We worked with Igreja Batista Pq. Boa Esperanca, which is located down the street from the school. The church participation was very good during the event, and many people came to help us share God's love with the students and teachers. God moved in an amazing way here, and we are in awe of what He has done: 2,173 students and 23 teachers accepted Christ. God truly is amazing.

Part of the group from the church in a class at night
Interpretor Guilherme and I sharing Christ
John and interpretor Ricardo speaking in a class
Nancy, John, interpretors Fabiane & Elaine, and the church groupInterpretor Elaine and I, Sergio, Guilherme, and Salvador in a class

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