February 27, 2009

Mission Trip to Sao Manuel

Carnaval is a 4 day holiday/ party that takes place in Brazil every year in February. Many cities have big celebrations and "festas" - parties. This year for Carnaval we were invited by Igreja Batista Ebenezer in Sao Paulo to participate with them on their 4 day mission trip to Sao Manuel, which is a city in the country about 3-4 hours from Sao Paulo. 190 people from Igreja Batista Ebenezer and 2 other churches (1 from Sao Paulo and 1 from Sao Carlos) participated to share the Good News of God's love and salvation through Jesus. There were events for children in the morning and afternoon, and a program for mothers at the same time. The youth choir from Igreja Batista Ebenezer also performed a different evangelistic musical every night. All of the events took place in a school gymnasium. Every morning and afternoon a large group of people would go door-to-door to invite people to the events, and to share Christ with the people of Sao Manuel. God moved in a wonderful way and touched many hearts, and many people accepted Christ.

The city of Sao Manuel (state of Sao Paulo)

Some of the 190 people that participated from 3 churches

The youth choir from Igr. Bat. Ebenezer performing an evangelistic musical

The youth from Igr. Bat. in Sao Carlos performing a skit

Preaching with interpretor Flavia in Igr. Bat. Aeriopolis

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