December 20, 2008

Sao Sebastiao & Ilha Bela

Our son Anthony is visiting from Atlanta for the holidays, so we all went for a 3 day trip to Barequecaba beach, near Sao Sebastiao. It is a beautiful 3 hour drive from Sao Paulo along the coast, with some great views of the ocean. Barequecaba beach is a small community 5 km outside of Sao Sebastiao. The scenery in this area of Sao Paulo state is beautiful, with mountains, tropical forest, and the ocean. Ilha Bela in Portuguese means beautiful island, and it certainly is beautiful. It is a popular tourist area, and has many beaches, mountains, waterfalls, tropical forest,...

A harbor on Ilha Bela

Near the pier on Ilha Bela

Eating out in Sao Sebastiao

Old historical Sao Sebastiao

A tourist area of Sao Sebastiao

A flowering tree in Barequecaba

Barequecaba beach

Barequecaba beach

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