November 22, 2008

Speaking In An English School

This morning I had the opportunity and privilege of speaking at the One Way English school in the city of Sao Bernardo. This school is part of the ETE Lauro Gomes technical school, which is run by the state of Sao Paulo. The director of the English classes was expecting about 20-25 people to come for the speech, but we ended up having 54 poeple. We had a great time with the students, most of whom were college age. I spoke our Quality Of Life speech that we normally use in the public schools, but since we had more time I added more details and information. In the final part about our spiritual life and how to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus, 40 of the 54 people accepted Christ. God is so good. Afterwards many of the students had great questions about the U.S., the differences in living here versus there, about our work here, and about many other things (global warming, government, God's plan for our lives,..)

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