November 4, 2008

School Visit In Campinas

Today we travelled to Campinas to speak in a school. The school is located in the Jd. Sao Marcos neighborhood, which is a poor area in the northern end of Campinas. Campinas is approx. 90 km (55 miles) north of Sao Paulo. It took us 2 hours each way - 1 hour to cross Sao Paulo because of traffic, and then 1 hour from Sao Paulo to Campinas. We spoke in 12 classes from 5th grade to 8th grade, and we praise God that 271 students and 8 teachers accepted Christ.

A photo of Campinas

John, interpretor Elaine, Nancy, and the church group we worked with


Amber Sunshine said...

I spent about 9 months in Campinas as a student missionary in 97 and 98. I absolutely love Brazil. Thanks for sharing!!

Kevin Bart said...

Amber, thanks for the visit and comment. We think Brazil is wonderful too, and we love serving the Lord here. Take care and God bless.