November 17, 2008

Passion Fruit & Flower

Below is a picture of the beautiful passion fruit flower. Passion fruit in Brazil is called "maracuja", and is used to make a great tasting fruit juice. Passion fruit juice is available with our without milk (we prefer with milk), and with milk it is like a fruit juice milkshake. The juice and the passion flower have medicinal properties, including lowering blood pressure and uses as a mild sedative to improve sleep. The yellow form of passion fruit is found in Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.

The passion flower got it's name from missionaries in South America, and represents Christ's passion and love for a lost world in need to have a reconciled relationship with God. The corona threads on the flower represent Jesus' crown of thorns, the 5 stamens represent Christ's wounds, and the 3 stigmas represent the nails used to crucify Him.

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