November 25, 2008

Our Last School For The Year

Today we spoke in our last school for this year, which was the 26th school we spoke in . We are grateful to God for giving us so many opportunities to share Christ. We spoke in the CC Rafa school/ day care, which is located in the Areiao favela (slum) in the city of Sao Bernardo. The Areiao favela is a very poor and dangerous area in the southern-most part of Sao Bernardo. The school/ day care is owned and managed by Rosangela, who is a member of Primeira Igreja Batista Central in Sao Bernardo. The students were wonderful, and we had a very nice time at the school. We spoke to 2 classes in the morning period, then had a nice lunch at the school, and then spoke to 2 more classes in the afternoon. 53 students and 1 teacher accepted Christ.

Interpretor Anderson & John with some students

Nancy and interpretor Regis with one of the classes

Nancy and I, Rosangela, a teacher, and a group of students

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