November 2, 2008

Driving In Sao Paulo

After living here for 2 years, there are only a couple of things that I do not like about living here. My least favorite thing here is to drive in the city of Sao Paulo. I used to travel and drive alot for business (New York, Chicago, Boston, LA,...), and Sao Paulo is the worst place to drive that I have seen. There are various reasons for this:

Crazy drivers - I don't know what happens to these wonderful Brazilian people, but when they get into their cars they become crazy and rude drivers. Some of the craziest drivers are the "motoboys" (on motorcycles) and bus drivers. I thought when we lived in Atlanta they had alot of bad drivers, but they have way more crazy drivers here.

Bad and complicated roads - Sao Paulo has many 1 way streets and no left turns. Sometimes you will see a street that is 1 way, then it becomes 1 way going the other way and you cannot use it any more. Many of the roads are bad, and have many bumps and holes,... and are very rough on a car.

Traffic - because there are over 6,000,000 vehicles in Sao Paulo, there are obviously problems with traffic. We know many good routes now to avoid some of the traffic, but there are places and times when it is impossible to avoid it.

Some people have told us there are worse places to drive than Sao Paulo, like Rio de Janeiro, the country of Bolivia, and some other countries, but it is hard to imagine worse places to drive.

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