September 18, 2008

August & September Ministry Update

God has opened some great doors for us to share Christ. So far we have spoken in 3 schools in August and 2 in Sept., and we have 1 more next week. I have also had the chance to preach in 2 churches on Sunday nights (Primeira Igreja Batista Central Sao Bernardo and Igreja Batista Cidade IV Centenario in Sao Paulo), and we had a People Sharing Jesus seminar in a church in Sao Bernardo to teach members how to effectively share Christ with others.

So far we have seen over 4330 people accept Christ in Aug. and Sept., including 73 teachers and a school coordenator. God is truly amazing. We have 1 more school next week and an evangelism event with a church on Sept. 27 in the city of Diadema. Please pray for us and for the people we will be reaching out to in God's love.

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