July 1, 2008

Mid-Year Update

We are praising God for what He has done in the 1st half of this year, and we are looking forward to what He is going to do in the rest of the year. Right now things are fairly quiet and we get some time to rest and recharge, because schools are out for winter break in July and we do not have any seminars or other things scheduled in the churches. Here are some numbers showing what God has done so far this year; He is truly doing immeasurably more than we ask and imagine:

17,472- number of people that accepted Christ since early 2007
7,147- number of people that accepted Christ in 2008 (that we know of)
660+- number of adults that accepted Christ in schools (not counting teachers)
282- number of times we have spoken this year in a school
200- number of people trained in People Sharing Jesus seminars in churches
186- number of teachers that accepted Christ
13- number of schools we spoke in so far this year
10- number of times I have preached in churches
3- number of school coordenators that accepted Christ
2- number of directors (principals) that accepted Christ

Numbers are nice to look at, but the numbers do not nearly tell the story of what we have seen God do here. It is amazing how God is powerfully touching and saving many hearts & souls, for His glory. At times we see adults and even adolescents crying while we are sharing the message of Christ. Many times in a school, especially with adolescents, before we start speaking there is a fair amount of noise in the class, but by the time we get to the final part about the spiritual life and how to have peace & eternal life through Christ you can hear a pin drop and you can see that God has grabbed ahold of their hearts. When we speak to adults in a school, most of the time they pray out loud to receive Christ (the children always do this, and sometimes even the adolescents pray out loud too). And it's always great to see the look of joy and the smiles on the faces of the people who have accepted Christ, and they usually are very grateful and appreciative. It's awesome to watch and see God touching & convicting & changing hearts right before your eyes.

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