June 9, 2008

Salvation Stories

What a joy it is to see God working in people's lives. What a privilege it is to be a part of His work to reach out to lost people that are without Christ. Yesterday (Sunday) morning we were at Igreja Batista Ipiranga in Sao Paulo leading the 1st of 2 parts of a People Sharing Jesus seminar. The seminar was well attended by a majority of the church and it was a blessing to be there and see church members and leaders commit to share Christ with others. We received a special surprise in that there were some people visiting the church, so at the end of the training period I shared the Gospel and 7 people accepted Christ.

One of these was an elderly woman named Cidinha. Cidinha was raised in the church (Presbyterian), and her family was very actively involved. She has been attending a small group Bible study in the home of one of the members of Igreja Batista Ipiranga, and various people have shared Christ with her. But for many years for whatever reason she could not understand or accept the wonderful Gospel message ... until yesterday. God opened her heart and revealed the saving truth of the Gospel of Christ to her, and now she is a new believer and follower of Christ.

Another person that received Christ was Junior. Junior's girlfriend Tatiani tearfully told me that she and others have tried for 5 years to get Junior to accept Christ and give his life to Him, but he resisted and resisted... until yesterday. I am so glad that we have a God who does not give up on us, a God who is patient, and whose love never waivers or falters.


David Tamayo said...

Would you be willing to ask your readers to pray for a dear friend? Please visit http://securityforidiots.blogspot.com/
to read his story. =)

Kevin Bart said...

Dear David, thanks for your visit and request. I will be glad to pray for your friend and for his recovery. Take care and God bless.

Rafael said...
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Kevin Bart said...

Rafael said...
... "In John 16, the Lord said that one day the Holy Spirit would come and convict the world concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment. Why concerning sin? The explanation is in verse 9: "Concerning sin, because they do not believe into Me," because they do not believe that He is the Son of God. This is a sin, a very serious sin. When the Holy Spirit comes, He will convict men, and they will realize how serious a sin it is not to believe in Jesus being the Son of God. One further passage in the Gospel of John will suffice. 17:3: "And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Him whom You have sent, Jesus Christ." Here we are shown what eternal life is. The Lord's definition of eternal life is to know God. Believing in the eternal God and believing in His sent One—Jesus Christ—is eternal life. Eternal life hinges upon this person. I hope that we would all realize who Jesus of Nazareth is. Our faith does not have any empty doctrines. It is based on the fact that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. To receive Jesus Christ is to receive God." 6/25/2008 10:27 AM

Rafael, thanks for the visit and the comment. I am sorry that I am including only a small portion of your very well written comment above, but it would take about 3 or 4 pages to print the entire comment and I felt I needed to shorten it for this comment page format. Take care and God bless. - Kevin