April 25, 2008

Brazil Has Great Beaches

We live in Sao Paulo and we are only 1 to 1-1/2 hour from the ocean, depending on where you go. When we get the chance we like to go to the beach to relax for the day, especially after a long & busy week. There are many beaches to choose from that are close in Praia Grande, Santos, Guaruja, Bertioga, Riviera,... We especially like Enseada Beach in Guaruja and Riviera Beach. Because it is tropical weather here, you can go to the beach a good part of the year. Most people say that the best beaches in Brazil are in the northeast part of the country, and we hope to travel there sometime in the future. Here are some beach pictures to enjoy.

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Jeff Dunson said...

Dear Kevin,

We enjoyed the beaches up North when we were there, and now we occasionally get a chance to enjoy them down here in Rio Grande do Sul - unfortunately, the water is a lot colder down here :)